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Yvonne Wancke, Chair of NE4EU is standing in the election for Chair of Branches Forum in European Movement...

All chairs of European Movement local groups can vote in the election on Saturday 4 September. They do have to be at the online meeting to vote.

If you want to know more about Yvonne's campaign please email


Yvonne's candidate statement

I believe that local groups and campaigning are at the heart of the European Movement. I also think that our groups work best when we work together. Unity is key.

I can help to organise, support and empower our local groups and this is why I am standing.

I will work to ensure that there is really good communication between local groups and EMUK HQ


My priorities are to be inclusive, diverse and united.

These are the qualities that will help us to build together (brick by brick) to move closer to Europe and to eventually rejoin.

I grew up with politics and political campaigning and have been a member of the Labour Party for many years.

I have been Chair of North East for Europe for a number of years and in that role have successfully campaigned on a range of pro-European issues and across a wide range of campaign styles, including rallies, marches, meetings, street stalls, letter writing, and both lobbying and supporting MPs and MEPs in the region. It has been a joy to work collaboratively across political parties and with those with no political affiliation.

In 2018/19 I organised Regional Rallies, which co-ordinated groups from around the country, putting on events big and small. This was something that very much joined up diverse groups, styles and approaches. It allowed for togetherness as well as individuality. It was an exciting time!

We may now be in a slightly different phase of our campaigning together. Some of what we have done will still be effective, but we will also need new approaches and activities. We have a wealth of exceptional skills, knowledge, talent and enthusiasm in our local groups and I would very much like to be an enabler and an empowerer, bringing out and nurturing those abilities for all to share. I believe that this is something we can do!

My background is as a teacher, in schools and colleges and at present at INTO Newcastle University where I teach maths and accounting to international students. Last year has been interesting as we moved to online teaching. It showed that it is possible to teach from long distances and varying time zones! It was a positive experience.

In ‘normal’ times I also put on shows with my students – everything from Shakespeare to modern musicals to panto – in their second (or third) language. The reason that I mention this here is to show that I am an organiser and a problem solver. I work hard and love being committed to people and projects, hopefully inspiring people to get involved and give of their best, something that I also do in my work as editor for North East Bylines.

As Chair I will give time, effort and a huge amount of hard work. I will listen and help us to work together towards moving closer to Europe in a spirit of unity.

Let’s work towards being inclusive, diverse and united!

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